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Sugar Industry Gearboxes

Gearboxes for Sugar Industry: REGGIANA RIDUTTORI S.R.L

With over 600 Sugar Mills & PF installations worldwide, Reggiana Riduttori is one of the global leaders in the design and manufacture of gearboxes for a wide range of power transmission applications for the sugar industry. Working alongside sugar refineries globally for nearly 5 decades, Reggiana Riduttori’s brand nowadays stands for quality, innovation and state of the art engineering.

As part of Reggiana Riduttori, RR Pacific provides premium quality gear solutions for a substantial part of the sugar manufacturing processes in Australia. Ranging from gearboxes for diffusers, crystallisers, sugar crane trailers to sugar mill gearboxes, RR Pacific is dedicated to maximising machinery performance all while minimising sugar processing costs.

Sugar Industry Gearboxes for optimizing operations

To ensure durability, safety and reliable resistance to the demanding work cycles of the sugar beet and sugar cane processing markets, our team at RR Pacific assemble and carefully  test each sugar industry gearbox before it leaves our factory. 

sugar industry gearbox

Some key features of RR Pacific’s industrial gearboxes are: 

  • Compact size
  • Reduced energy use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Customisable turnkey packages

From harvesting sugar canes and beets to transforming the liquid sugar into a solid crystallized structure, our sturdy planetary gearboxes guarantee seamless operations, low maintenance and a long operating life. In addition, low fuel consumption and running times will significantly reduce sugar processing costs.

Sugar refineries interested in improving equipment reliability, safety and performance all while keeping costs low, should consider our premium quality products. At RR Pacific we are dedicated to exceeding expectations by offering tailored solutions to our Pacific market partners .

If you are unsure which sugar industry gearbox is the right fit for your company, our licensed technicians are here to assist you every step of the way and find the right solution at competitive prices.



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