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Mining Gearboxes

Gearboxes for mining machinery: REGGIANA RIDUTTORI S.R.L

As part of Reggiana Ridutorri, RR Pacific has been a renowned reduction gearbox supplier for the Australian mining sector for over 15 years now.  

With almost 50 years of engineering experience, Reggiana Riduttori remains focused on maintaining the same exceptional Italian quality standards globally. Therefore, all mining machinery gearboxes are 100% manufactured in Italy and undergo rigorous testing before being shipped to Australia.

The mining sector in Australia has changed considerably in recent years. The demand for automation and productivity has increased together with stricter safety standards.

RR Pacific mining gearboxes are designed to maximise the performance of mining machinery such as ship loaders and unloaders, crusher drives, mill drives, stacker reclaimers, bucket wheel excavators, thickeners, clarifiers, belt winders, belt pullers and more. In addition, they can be equipped with custom made accessories so you can easily assemble them on your system. 

mining gearbox

Mining gearboxes with minimal maintenance

Mining  machinery is used to streamline a variety of processes ranging from extracting and conveying to lifting and processing. These mining operations heavily depend on the resistance and durability of your machinery.

This is where RR Pacific’s mining gearboxes shine – they boast sturdy build that can resist the most intense application cycles of the mining sector in Australia.

To ensure long life cycles, reliable resistance to torque peaks and low maintenance, our team at RR Pacific assemble and test each mining gearbox at the company’s headquarters before it is packed and sent to its final destination. In addition, we use only proven materials to eliminate breakage and malfunctions and thus prevent costly downtimes.

RR Pacific brings premium quality mining machinery gearboxes into the Pacific market. With low maintenance, easy installation and support for custom accessories,  our sturdy and failsafe gearboxes for mining machinery guarantee smooth mining operations.



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