Hydraulic Failsafe Brakes

Hydraulic system failures and power outages can disrupt business operations, leading to unnecessary downtime and potential safety hazards. The same goes for on road and off road vehicles, which need proper failsafe brakes for safety reasons.

As part of Reggiana Riduttori,  RR Pacific offers high quality hydraulic failsafe brakes for a wide range of industrial applications in Australia, including mining and oil field operations, industrial packaging, wind turbines, on road /off road vehicles and more.

RR Pacific’s brakes are spring applied and hydraulically released which makes them perfect for emergency stops. As soon as the pressure drops, the spring releases the brake, thus stopping static loads or decelerating inertia loads. This way they guarantee utmost safety while reducing the risk of physical damage and costly repairs.

Compact Yet High Power Hydraulic Failsafe Brakes

Our high power hydraulic failsafe brakes can achieve high torque ranges, so you don’t have to worry about any emergency stop posing a danger.

Whether you want to assemble the brakes on a planetary gearbox unit or mount them in between the application and the hydraulic motor, you can rest assured that they will perform impeccably.

Furthermore, RR Pacific  guarantees quick and easy assembly,  minimal maintenance and a long operating life.

Below are some of our most popular models.

hydraulic failsafe brakes



TF (Nm)



60 ÷ 600



60 ÷ 600



60 ÷ 600



180 ÷ 1360



180 ÷ 1360



180 ÷ 1360



180 ÷ 1360



180 ÷ 1360



180 ÷ 1360

ORDER Your Top Notch Hydraulic Failsafe Brakes Today

You can rely on RR Pacific’s hydraulic failsafe brakes to keep your operations running smoothly and ensure maximum safety in case of an emergency.

Upon request, we can provide a backstop device for any low speed or high speed shaft application you may have.

We guarantee quick delivery times and offer an excellent price/quality ratio. All of our state of the art models are available at competitive prices and the same goes for our tailormade solutions.

With RR Pacific, you don’t just get compact, powerful and reliable hydraulic failsafe brakes. You get access to our dedicated technical support, installation services, on site testing, staff training and more. We are here to help you run safe operations, minimize unnecessary downtime, reduce the risk of expensive repairs and supercharge your productivity.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products or services or to help you choose the right static brake for your specific application. 




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