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Forestry Gearboxes

gearboxes for Forestry Machinery: REGGIANA RIDUTTORI S.R.L

As part of Reggiana Riduttori, RR Pacific is one of Australia’s leaders in designing and manufacturing forestry machine gearboxes.

In order to maintain the  highest level of engineering and production, all our gear drives are 100% manufactured in our Italian factories. Furthermore, each electric engine forestry gearbox is thoroughly researched and tested before being shipped to Australia so it can meet the strict standards of the Australian forestry market.

Planting, managing, repairing and conserving forests and other woodlands can’t be done without  the right machinery and equipment. Whether you want to plant new trees, take out old ones or transport them from one location to another, our forestry gearboxes can optimise every step of your working process. 

forestry gearbox

Forestry gearbox design combining compactness and performance

Bulkier no longer means more powerful.  RR Pacific’s  forestry gearboxes combine high performance with  compact design to create an all winning solution. Our planetary gearbox design can guarantee enhanced  manoeuvrability, ultimate stability on any terrain and improved speed of forestry machinery.

Furthermore, workers can easily navigate through dense forests and reach all remote locations without damaging any trees along the way. Performing tasks in challenging  terrains, such as slippery slopes or ground prone to erosion has never been more effortless.

Finally, enhanced machinery speed reduces working times all while maintaining the highest levels of comfort and safety.

premium quality forestry gearboxes with long operating life

Reggiana Riduttori forestry gearboxes also boast impressive durability which can withstand any forestry activity known to quickly wear out equipment.

RR forestry machine gearboxes guarantee:

    • High Impact Resistance
    • Long operating life
    • Ad hoc engineering design for specific forest use

With RR Pacific’s gear box reducers you can experience a whole new era of effortless forestry machine operations. Contact us today to learn more about how you can implement top class equipment into your forestry tasks.



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