PLUS Series Heavy Duty Planetary Gearboxes

Reggiana Riduttori’s PLUS Series heavy duty planetary gearboxes are a state of the art solution for all heavy duty applications. They represent  compactness along with a broad range of sizes that can meet the requirements of the harshest environments.

With the extensive PLUS Series, RR Pacific is dedicated to making modern engineering ideas possible and deliver the highest quality heavy duty gear both for  drive and deceleration of machines on the Australian and Pacific markets.

PLUS Series as Inline and Right Angle ReductioN GearboxES

RR Pacific’s PLUS Series heavy duty gear offers both right angle and inline reduction gearboxes that can align input and output shafts seamlessly. 

 What’s more, these high torque gearboxes are  designed for quiet operation and boast an extended lifecycle enabling three bevel stages.

If you require a heavy duty planetary gearbox with custom ratios and unique input /output configurations,  our dedicated team at  RR Pacific is here to give you expert advice and personalised service.

heavy duty planetary gearbox

Next Level heavy duty planetary gearbox Performance

RR Pacific’s PLUS Series planetary gear reducers are a result of  years of extensive research, engineering and development. With its 18 different sizes, ranging from 25,000Nm to 2,400,000Nm, RR PLUS series represent a true revolution in high torque transmissions  and guarantee maximum performance in the most compact form.

The Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox PLUS Series by RR Pacific practically has no limits in their applications. However, we most commonly see it in the industrial, marine and mining sectors.

Below you will find our PLUS Series heavy duty gearbox models and their corresponding specifications to help you choose the right planetary reducer for your application.

Model T2 (Nm) T2MAX (Nm) Ratio
RR 2500 25000 37000 4 ÷ 2495.56
RR 3200 33000 58000 4 ÷ 2005.23
RR 4000 40000 75000 4.17 ÷ 1910.05
RR 5200 52000 92000 4.17 ÷ 1803.20
RR 6500 68000 12500 4.17 ÷ 2064.71
RR 8000 80000 160000 4.17 ÷ 1695.65
RR 10000 100000 190000 4.17 ÷ 1600.80
RR 15000 150000 275000 4.17 ÷ 1511.25
RR 20000 210000 395000 4.17 ÷ 1730.42
RR 25000 280000 580000 4.17 ÷ 1341.62
RR 40000 420000 790000 4.17 ÷ 1266.57
RR 55000 560000 950000 4.17 ÷ 1180.44

T2 – transmissible output torque

T2MAX – maximum output torque

Ratio – model’s available ratios

Order Your premium Heavy Duty Planetary Gearbox Today

RR Pacific’s PLUS Series Heavy Duty Planetary Gearboxes are an innovative solution for all applications requiring high torque with minimum dimensions. If you are looking for durability, long lifecycle and a true price/performance ratio, you can rely on RR pacific to deliver outstanding results. In addition, we guarantee fast delivery and quick and easy installation no matter where you are in Australia.

As one of the  leading planetary gearbox manufacturers in Australia, RR Pacific offers dedicated local customer support, including on site inspections, technical training and gearbox maintenance. 

Order a world class heavy duty planetary gearbox from RR Pacific today and take your daily operations to the next level. For more detailed information about Reggiana Ridutorri’s products and services, please feel free to contact our team.





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