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Material Handling Gearboxes

Gearboxes for Material Handling Machinery : REGGIANA RIDUTTORI S.R.L

With over 15 years on the Australian market and nearly five decades on the worldwide market, Reggiana Riduttori is known for designing innovative planetary gearboxes that improve the efficiency, performance and sustainability of various industrial machinery.

Lifting, moving, loading and unloading bulk materials can be a challenging task that requires the highest level of precision and safety.

This is where RR Pacific’s reduction gears can truly make a difference in your every day operations. Our gearboxes for material handling are known worldwide to work seamlessly in any vehicle to allow operators to engage, lift and transport heavy loads with laser precision.

material handling gearbox

Precision Gearboxes for Improved Material Handling Operations

When working with heavy loads, you must ensure that all work cycles are well organised if you want to save time, reduce costs and follow safety protocols.

RR Pacific’s reduction gear boxes for material handling do just that.  Thanks to continual improvement and innovation, our material handling gearboxes come with several advantages:

  • Compact size
  • High performance
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Resistance to torque peaks

In addition, all our planetary gear units comply with the latest emission standards to ensure  sustainable material handling operations.

Material Handling Gearboxes for Utmost Safety and Durability

The outstanding build of RR Pacific’s material handling gearboxes offers unparalleled safety and reliability for various applications such as conveyors, mobile floors, live bottom trailers, feeders, winches and many more.

Each piece is carefully inspected and tested before leaving the manufacturing factory in Italy to ensure the highest standard of quality and production.

Furthermore, the sturdy construction and premium quality materials used in the manufacturing phase of the reduction gearboxes ensure a long operating life with minimal  maintenance costs.

If you’re unsure which material handling machinery gearbox is the right fit for your company, feel free to contact us today and our licensed technicians will provide you with helpful advice.



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