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With nearly 5 decades of engineering experience, Reggiana Riduttori has grown into a world leader in the design and manufacture of power transmission systems, including planetary gearboxes,  geared motors, wheel drives, slew drives, winch gearboxes and hydraulic failsafe brakes.

Reggiana Riduttori’s international brand is deeply ingrained to its territory. Founded in San Polo d’Enza, Italy, in 1973, to this day we still manufacture all planetary gear sets at home in Italy in order to meet the highest European quality standards.

Dedicated to our mission to represent Italian quality around the world, we have established a network of 3 factories in Italy, 13 branches and over 50 distributors globally.

As an integral part of the Interpump Group since 2019, Reggiana Riduttori has further strengthened its position as the supplier of choice for world class planetary gear technology. 

Reggiana Riduttori Italian factory


With an impressive track record of millions of self engineered planetary gearboxes worldwide, Reggiana Riduttori stands out on the international market in terms of its product quality, durability and reliability.

Innovation has always been our driving force, pushing us to upgrade our processes and enhance our skills to bring nothing but the best to our global clients. We continue raising the bar and diversifying our product range as we expand to new markets.

Even though Reggiana has grown into one of the largest global gearbox suppliers, we have stayed true to our founding core values:


Reggiana Riduttori and its branches conform to the highest quality management system standards.
This means our reduction gears meet the quality, reliability and safety standards necessary for top performance and seamless business operations. Our quality control system doesn’t leave a single stone unturned, from the initial design stage to the final product testing.

  • We check and certify raw materials and conduct regular quality checks throughout production.
  • We test every gearbox before shipping it to consumers.
  • We guarantee material traceability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Our technicians are licensed and certified by international reference bodies.
  • Our quality management system has an ISO 9001 certificate from DNV Organization.
Quality System Certification ISO 9001
customised gear design


At Reggiana Riduttori we listen to our customer project requirements to devise a bespoke solution to their application needs.

Reggiana Riduttori’s planetary gearboxes are known for their  flexibility oriented design.

On one hand, components are standardised as much as possible which reduces assembly times, delivery and after sales spare part service.

On the other, each model has different ratios, input speeds and load and torque capacities. This modular configuration enables us to customise them to customer requirements by adding more reduction stages,  hydraulic or electric motor connections, failsafe brakes and so much more.