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Agricultural Gearboxes


Operating agricultural machinery in Australia requires maximum safety, efficiency and performance. 

Whether you use harvesting machinery or livestock farming equipment, RR Pacific premium agricultural gearboxes can help you boost productivity, enhance on field safety and keep daily operations running smoothly.

Top Tier Gearboxes for Optimising Agricultural Operations

RR Pacific’s innovative agricultural gearboxes can achieve high peak torques, offer high resistance to overloads and ensure maximum performance.

Whether you need a planetary gear set for grain harvesting, milk harvesting, livestock feeding or biogas production, we can help you get the necessary power for all your agricultural operations. Furthermore, our performance gearboxes will reduce working time, reduce fuel consumption and thus lower your operating costs. 

agricultural gearbox

Sturdy Agricultural Gearboxes for Utmost Safety

At Reggiana Riduttori, we assemble and test each gearbox at our headquarters in Italy to ensure they meet top quality standards and provide best value for our partners in the agricultural industry.

Our agricultural gearboxes are made from steel alloys and feature high quality seal protection to deliver long operating life with minimal maintenance. In addition, they can help improve machinery maneuverability, traction and stability on any terrain while ensuring maximum operator safety and comfort.

You can rely on RR Pacific’s agricultural reduction gears to eliminate machinery downtime and thus reduce gas emissions. All of our planetary gearboxes comply with the latest emission standards to ensure sustainable agricultural operations.

Compact and Modular Agricultural Gearbox Design

At RR Pacific, every planetary gear comes with modular design in the most compact form. They are available with different ratios, load and torque capacities and input speeds. 

Their modularity makes it possible to add pre reduction stages to achieve greater ratio flexibility and better control of auger speed. Apart from additional stages, we can provide you with different right angle inputs (both with single and double PTO shafts) and hydraulic or electric motor inputs.

Our tailor made speed reducer solutions are available at competitive prices and suitable for a wide range of agricultural applications, including wheeled harvesters, tracked harvesters,  fixed plant mixers, feed mixers, rotary dairies and many more.

If you need help picking the right reduction gearbox for a specific application, our licensed technicians are available to assist you anytime.