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If you need a high quality geared motor to transfer power between operating machines and increase torque while reducing speed, you have come to the right place.

At RR Pacific, we offer state of the art gearmotor line that can take your industrial operations to the next level. As part of Reggiana Riduttori, we follow the highest quality engineering standards to deliver exceptional motor gearing for the most demanding industrial applications in Australia.

Types of Geared Motors

Our gear motors are suitable for most industrial applications and come with a robust, flexible and modular design that we can tailor to your specific requirements. Their input/output configurations are fully customisable to suit all your production needs.

Right Angle Bevel Gear Motor (Transtechno)

The Right Angle Bevel Gear Motor from Transtecno features an integrated gearbox with the output shaft perpendicular to the input shaft. It’s perfect for industrial applications that require high torque in a limited space.

Inline Parallel Shaft Gear Motor (Transtecno)

The Inline Parallel Shaft Gear Motor from Transtecno offers a higher output torque and lower backlash than most right angle gear motors. This is due to the motor shaft and the speed reducer shaft being parallel, which increases efficiency.

geared motor

Heavy Duty Helical Bevel Gear Motor

Our Heavy Duty Helical Bevel Gear Motor is ideal for a right angle output, but you can use a parallel output shaft as well. It works with both solid and hollow shafts and is available in many configurations. This robust geared motor with long operating life provides compact and efficient power transmission and minimises the mounting space. It’s an excellent choice for a wide range of heavy duty applications that require high output torque.

Worm Gear Motors

Our Worm Gear Motors are ideal for applications that require a self locking feature, as their output shafts can’t rotate without power. They can transfer motion at 90° and achieve high gear ratios, even though they feature fewer gear sets and come in particularly small sizes. Still, their gear ratio is generally low, so they are best suitable for conveyors, small machinery and packaging equipment, where they can provide excellent gear meshing efficiency. They are some of the quietest and smoothest gearmotors for increasing torque and reducing speed in minimal space.

Reliable and Durable Geared Motors in the Most Compact Form

Our geared motor units come in ten different sizes, each with different ratio combinations, housing (steel or high grade cast iron casings), output shafts (solid or hollow metric and imperial) and input connections for electric motors. They are available in single, double, triple and quadruple reduction stages. 

RR Pacific geared motor line offers a high power to weight ratio, low noise levels and superb performance. What ‘s more they are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and guarantee efficient heat dissipation.


Get a First Class Geared Motor Today

As one of the leading gear manufacturers in Australia, RR Pacific is dedicated to providing bespoke response to any of our  customer requirements at every stage of the gearbox integration  – from purchase to installation as well as the after sales period.

If you are looking for compact gear motors with a long operating life, you can rely on RR Pacific to deliver top of the line planetary gear motors at the most competitive prices and tailor them to your specific needs. In addition,  we can provide cooling systems if your gearbox reducer’s natural or fan cooling is insufficient.

 Browse our comprehensive geared motor catalogue below for more information on our geared motors, including every model’s ratio, output torque levels, thermal capacity, service factors and many other technical specifications. For any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.




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